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24 November 2022 - 25 November 2022
Amsterdam, Netherlands
EFECS 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a B2Match account?
A B2Match account is needed to pre-schedule 1-to-1 meetings that take place at EFECS 2022, and in order to network online with other EFECS participants.

How do I get a B2Match account?
If you have registered for EFECS, you will automatically receive a B2Match account. Note that it may take up to one week after your registration before your B2Match account is created.

Do I need to download the B2Match app?
Downloading the B2Match app is not mandatory. You can reach the B2Match tool through browser and through app. The benefit of using the app is that you receive instant notifications of meeting requests and connection requests, and that you have your personal agenda at hand.

Where do the pre-scheduled meetings take place?
The pre-scheduled meetings take place in a dedicated Face2Face area in the EFECS exhibition. Tables and chairs are assigned according to your meeting schedule.

Where can I find details of project ideas?
Details of the project ideas that are presented at EFECS, and any other project ideas that are relevant to the ECS community, can be found in the ECS Collaboration Tool

What if I do not want to receive any messages in my B2Match account?
You can disable messages: 
(1) In your B2Match account, click on your initials at the top right and then choose My profile.
(2) At the left side, click on Account settings.
(3) Scroll down and uncheck "available for messaging".

What if I do not want to use the B2Match account?
You can request to hide your account, so it is not visible anymore. Send your request per e-mail to info@efecs.eu.
If you want to completely deactivate your B2Match account, note that this will also remove your registration for EFECS, so you will not have entrance to the event. To deactivate your account, follow these instructions.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Participants 119
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